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Together approaches first export of medical cannabis from Uganda to Germany. The German facility has received a license for import from Uganda to Germany, and recognition by the German Ministry of Health of the Uganda Farm # The company is taking immediate steps to prepare a first shipment from the Uganda farm, which operates to GACP standard, to the facility in Germany, which operates to EU-GMP standard, of some 500 hundred kgs # The revenues from Germany will provide the company with additional cash flow # The Uganda farm extends over some 30,000 sqm, with full production capacity of some 25 tons annually # the current sale price of 1 gram of medical cannabis to pharmacists in Germany is about €9.5

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Igal Dimri joins the company as a partner and will invest a total of ILS 25 million in Together: ILS 15 million against shares and options, and a ILS 10 million loan. The investment provides the company financial flexibility to accelerate growth. Together is active throughout the value chain, including 20- and 30-dunam farms in Israel and Uganda, respectively, a facility processing the medical cannabis into end products, and a dispensary distributing the medical cannabis products to pharmacies nationwide. The company is in the process of establishing pharmacies together with the Good Pharm chain

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